To achieve finer granularity in your requests, you can combine the country flag for country targeting with the city parameter. For instance, using the code country=au+state=newsouthwales+city=sidney ensures that your request is routed through a proxy located in Sidney, Australia.

While we pride ourselves on our comprehensive coverage of cities worldwide, it's essential to understand that due to the dynamic nature of Residential Proxies, availability in specific cities at a given time might not be guaranteed. However, rest assured that most major cities are consistently well-serviced.

Examples of Valid country and city Combinations:

  • United States, Los Angeles: country=us+state=california+city=losangeles

  • Australia, Sydney: country=au+state=newsouthwales+city=sidney

  • Spain, Barcelona: country=uk+state=englandh+city=london

Code Demonstration

Here's how you would make a request to, ensuring it routes through a proxy in London, United Kingdom.

curl -x -U "username=USERNAME+country=uk+state=england+city=london:PASSWORD"

Don't forget to replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your actual proxy user credentials.

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