Location Settings

HomeIP's Residential Proxy Network spans across 195 global locations, providing unparalleled flexibility when it comes to geo-location targeting. With HomeIP, you can target specific countries, cities, or even states.

Diving Deeper into Geo-location Parameters

For a comprehensive guide on how to select and implement country, city, or state-specific parameters, please refer to the following pages:

  1. Country Targeting - Understanding Country Parameters with HomeIP

  2. City Targeting - Guide to City-specific Requests using HomeIP

  3. State-Level Targeting - How to Target Specific States with HomeIP

Country, State, and City Mapping with HomeIP

HomeIP relies on the MaxMind GeoIP2 database to determine and designate the country (country code), state (state), and city values for our exit nodes. We ensure accuracy by updating this database on a weekly basis.

Do note that other public IP databases might display varied location details. If accuracy is paramount for your use case and you're concerned about potential location discrepancies, it's a good practice to verify if the proxy's location on HomeIP aligns with the IP database utilized by your target website.

Should you require further clarification or have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated account manager or reach out to our helpful support team at support@homeip.io.

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