Our guides are rich with examples on how to connect using the HTTP protocol. This widely-accepted protocol is compatible with numerous libraries and third-party applications.


For those who prioritize security, HomeIP supports connections using the HTTPS protocol, providing encrypted communication. To utilize this, prepend your proxy entry with https://. For instance: This modification is also applicable when specifying a country-specific entry node. However, ensure compatibility as some libraries, especially older versions, or certain third-party tools might not support the HTTPS protocol. Always validate before adjusting your code.


For SOCKS5 protocol users, include socks5h within your request. A typical example would be:

curl -x socks5h:// -U "username=USERNAME:PASSWORD"

It's crucial to understand that the SOCKS5 protocol, as of now, does not support direct country-specific node entry. Instead, to target a specific location, you must embed additional parameters within your username. Here's an example that targets France:

curl -x socks5h:// -U "username=USERNAME+country=FR:PASSWORD"

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