Once you log-in into your account at https://app.homeip.io/ you will be directed to the Proxy Gateway Configurator.
In order to configure the Proxy Gateways, there are 3 or 4 steps (depending on the plan) to be followed:

  1. Select Authentication Method

WHITELISTED IP – If you choose this authentication method, you won’t need to use your credentials – whitelisted IP addresses do not require the user:pass authentication. Whitelist several IPs to create a list of trusted IPs. You can whitelist your IP in the Whitelisted IPs tab on the left. 

USER:PASS – If you choose this authentication method you can use your credentials (username and password) for connecting. In the full curl example, the connection string (including your username) will be generated and you will need to fill replace the “YOUR PASSWORD” string with your actual account password.

2. Select Rotation

In the second step you can select the rotation for the proxies. The following options are available

a. New IP each Request
b. 1 minute IP rotation
c. 10 minutes IP rotation
d. 30 minutes IP rotation 

3. Choose Location 

In this step you can select one of the following options:

a. Random Country - an IP from a Random Country will be selected for each new request
b. Specific Country - choose from over 170 countries

4. Advanced Location Targeting

In this step you can select city level targeting or state level targeting, for the country selected in step 3. 

Advanced Location Targeting is available for Pro plans only

5. The Proxy Gateways Configurator will generate:

a. Connection Gateway
b. Connection Port
b. curl example - containing the full connection details. 

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